Our Vision is that one day…

every university student worldwide has a Christian professor who can help them learn to live and lead as Christ’s followers in their nations.

every university professor worldwide has a Christian colleague who is salt and light, helping them also learn to live and lead as Christ’s followers in their nations.

every university worldwide has Christian professors bringing Shalom and seeking the flourishing of the university in Christ’s name.

every academic discipline has Christian professors having a redemptive influence on the ideas being discussed.


Dr. Ravi Zacharias-- Global Scholars

“The university is the front line in the battle for the hearts and minds of students; the leaders of tomorrow. [This] is a strategic and necessary component in what God is using to reach leaders today.”

—Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Mirka - Global Scholars Student

“In my childhood I never heard a word about religion or God. You showed us the other side of the story.”

—Mirka, a student who came to Christ in the Czech Republic

Dr. Os Guinness

“[This] work is one of the most extraordinary mission movements in the world today. It is … a rare, farsighted and remarkable work that is sowing seeds of unimaginable significance. I couldn’t be more supportive.”

—Dr. Os Guinness

Gerianne H.

“With all of the unrest around the world manifesting from conflicts of disparate ideas, it is very important to be engaged at the university level with the next generation of leaders.”

—Gerianne H.
Kansas City, KS

Chip E. - Global Scholars

“I place Global Scholars at the top of my charitable giving list each year because I see results.”

—Chip E.
Divide, CO

Dave M.

“What better way to extend the gospel internationally than to put Christian scholars in places of influence around the world? Global Scholars is the right ministry at the right time to do just that.”

—Dave M.
Los Angeles, CA