Global Scholars is Influencing the Nations Through Higher Education

African students

God gave Dr. Danny McCain in 1986 the vision to start Departments of Christian Studies in public universities around the world. He began teaching in 1988 at a public university in Nigeria, where he continues with Global Scholars to this day.  In subsequent years, the vision expanded as it became apparent that students in all academic disciplines need Christian professors who communicate the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christ in their disciplines. Over the next two decades he, and our second President Dr. Daryl McCarthy, led Global Scholars to expand into over 35 nations. Under the current leadership of Global Scholars’ third President, Dr. Stan Wallace, we are now in a new season of growth.

Global Scholars professors serve as teachers, researchers, and university administrators in a wide range of disciplines—math, ethics, engineering, management, business, natural sciences, law, education, and many other fields—all from a Christian perspective. As such, Global Scholars professors have many opportunities to have a redemptive influence among their students, colleagues, universities, and academic disciplines. Knowing that future leaders shaped by the gospel of Christ can lead to a society’s flourishing (shalom), one former Global Scholars professor in the Ukraine said, “I am not the future of Ukraine. But my students are. They will make the difference for the future of this nation.”

Our academics also have important influence beyond their universities. Global Scholars professors, for example, were invited to provide leadership training for top level university employees in Afghanistan, bringing with them Jesus’s message of servant leadership. In Nigeria, the federal government asked our professors to develop a faith-based AIDS awareness program for every public elementary and secondary school in the nation, teaching biblical values to hundreds of thousands of students each year. Another Global Scholars professor served on the nation’s Presidential Commission to improve and “humanize” the criminal law procedures in  a nation in central Asia. He was able to introduce a biblical view of law and justice to this nation closed to the gospel.

After having taken an Old Testament course and just signing up for a New Testament course, “I must take your class…I have to hear the rest of the story!”

– Valeriya, a Lithuanian student

“Global Scholars is without question one of the most unique, important missional organizations operating in our world today. It’s proven itself over 25 years of remarkable success and is positioned to grow exponentially.”

– Kathy E.