Our Values

Global Scholars is committed to:

Christ’s Lordship

Bringing all life and thought under the Lordship of Christ, exhibiting and growing in faith, sacrifice, servanthood, humility, being prayer centered, and honoring the Sabbath.


Thinking Christianly

Being biblically rooted and theologically formed, uniting all thought under the Lordship of Christ, valuing the life of the mind, rigorous thought and the role of the university to promote truth, beauty and goodness in culture.


Transformation through Christ

Seeking transformation personally, among students and colleagues, as well as throughout one’s university, society and culture, in the context of the community of faith.


Vocational Excellence

Creating space to allow each person to fulfill his or her calling with excellence, doing work as unto the Lord. Providing context for administrative staff to flourish. Empowering academic staff to be effective in academic call and ministry. Ensuring all staff understand how their roles contribute to the overall Mission of Global Scholars.



Fostering a unified, integrated, trustworthy organization in all ways so as to be good stewards of God’s resources. Seen in fiscal responsibility, administrative work, academic service open, honest and trusting organizational culture, and in our relationships with donors and other partners.



Empowering all to be creative, finding new and better ways to fulfill our Mission.