Fellow Annual Report

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  • Examples: Redemptive influence among students, among colleagues, at university, in discipline, and in city/state/nation. Also it would be helpful to list the types of influence: shalom/promoting common good, presentation of gospel, seeing people move closer to faith/redemption, and once believers, seeing them in Christlikeness and becoming agents of redemption themselves, and integration of faith and discipline.
  • Choose a story or two that you would be excited to share--stories of life transformation and evidences of God’s provision, guidance, and kingdom. Those who labor on your behalf--administrative office staff, board members, donors--need to hear these encouraging stories. The Academic Department will curate these stories and keep names confidential.
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  • Are you able to identify any possible openings in your university or other institutions in your region where appointees looking for openings might be able to apply? Please supply all the information you can.
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    Personal, Professional, and Spiritual inventory
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