Giving Societies

Your membership in a Global Scholars Giving Society means more students will be reached For Christ by a Global Scholars professor this year!

Deciding how to invest the resources God has entrusted to our care is a challenge for all believers. We want to be wise and faithful with what God gave us to use for His purposes, like the faithful stewards Jesus spoke of in the “Parable of the Talents” (Matthew 25:14-30).

As believers we have been entrusted with the Lord’s resources, and he calls us to be strategic in how we invest these resources, choosing wisely in order to produce a significant “return on investment.” We believe joining in the work of Global Scholars produces a very great return on investment for the Kingdom. Click here to learn more.

Giving SocietiesYearly TotalYour Gift Impacts
Professor Society$500-99918-31 students annually
Dean Society$1,000-2,49932-80 students annually
Provost Society$2,500-4,99981-160 students annually
Vice-Chancellor Society$5,000-9,999161-322 students annually
Chancellor Society$10,000+323+ students annually

For more information about joining a Global Scholars Giving Society contact us here.