Most nations are investing heavily in higher education. They understand their future depends on the flourishing of their nation’s universities. Without excellent classroom instructors the university will not attract the nation’s brightest and best students, who will choose to leave the country for a university education. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these students will not return, depriving the nation of their leadership for decades to come. Without excellent administrators the university will not flourish, instead adopting harmful practices and developing an unhealthy culture. Without excellent researchers knowledge and technology will not be developed which promotes the common good and human flourishing in the nation.

Nor will the university have healthy leadership, which fosters a healthy university.  the leadership produced by their universities. Therefore, billions of dollars are being spent expanding higher education worldwide. Millions of students will be taught each year in these universities. Will their professors teach them what is true or what is false?

Unfortunately, many of these nations require expatriates to come to their universities and teach, lead and research in their areas of expertise. Global Scholars is eager to help Christian professors called to these universities follow this call. Please join us in this opportunity to change the world!

Imagine how our world, and the world we leave our children and their children, would be if the Global Scholars vision becomes a reality!
Royal University

Royal University
(Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

The Khmer Rouge understood the influence of education so well they executed everyone with a university education during their reign (1975-79).

Cambodia has never truly recovered. Without higher education there is no way to develop a stable economy or society. As a result, most live in poverty, giving rise to the explosion of drug and human trafficking.

Royal University seeks to change this by developing a generation of leaders for every sector of Cambodian society. University officials asked us, “Can you send us a professor for every department in our university?”

University of Botswana (Gaborone, Botswana)

This growing university has recently built a state-of-the-art school of medicine. The university hopes to be a center for medical research in southern Africa.

Yet most classrooms stand empty until they can hire more professors.

University officials asked us how many professors of medicine we can send to the University of Botswana.

American University Iraq— Sulaimani

American University Iraq—Sulaimani (Sulaimani, Iraq)

Recent semi-autonomy from Iraqi control provides the opportunity to develop Kurdish infrastructure, including universities.

The first phase of a world-class university has been completed in Sulaimani, on the Iranian border.

University leadership said to us: “One day we hope to have Kurdish professors teaching our future leaders. But we have no Kurds with adequate training to teach here now. So now we need you to send us professors.”

Signs of Hope
Signs of Hope

Global Scholars professors directed the first curriculum reform project since 1949 at an important university of education in China. The Chinese professor with whom they worked came to know Christ. She is now a vibrant witness to her students. A recent campus visitor remarked, “I have never seen a campus so on fire for Christ.” This influential university will train thousands of China’s public school teachers for years to come.

“There are few voices more influential in determining the beliefs of today’s young people than those heard in the lecture halls on university campuses. Global Scholars aims to increase the number of such voices – a cause our family enthusiastically supports.”

– Steve M.

“We are glad Jesus has now come to us through you.”

– A Chinese university student