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Advantages of Joining Global Scholars as a Fellow

Global Scholars’ fellows are part of a community of Christian academics (teachers, researchers, and administrators) sharing a commitment to serving with excellence in primarily public universities worldwide, communicating truth and biblical values in the context of their academic disciplines. In doing so, Global Scholars fellows are salt and light (Matthew 5:13-14) in nations where there is little if any witness to the gospel. Global Scholars fellows are sometimes God’s only ambassadors seeking the peace of the city through their classrooms, laboratories and administrative offices (Jeremiah 29:7), desiring to advance justice and human flourishing (shalom).

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Benefits of teaching

To fulfill this calling, members of the society associate voluntarily for at least three reasons:

  1. To form a learning community whereby iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17). By being a part of the Global Scholars society, you are joining your labors with the work of dozens of other academics and professionals. Together, these laborers are committed to the same cause, learning from one another and encouraging one another to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24), spurring one another on to greater conformity to Christ’s image.
  2. To receive the financial advantages of membership. The modern English word “fellow” came from the Anglo-Saxon, “to lay money,” and fiscal associations have continued down to the present.  Thus, the oldest definition of fellowship–a partnership of fellows–was thick with financial implications, and this sense of “fellowship” is a significant feature of this society. As a 501(c)(3) organization, Global Scholars provides a means to ensure all fellows have the opportunity to receive tax deductible gifts from ministry partners who believe in their unique calling.
  3. To provide mutual accountability under the shared Lordship of Jesus Christ. The Global Scholars community provides direction, encouragement, warnings, counsel, advice and prayer, both while preparing to serve internationally and during your time of service.



Once you make it to your place of service the Global Scholars staff continue to work on your behalf so that you grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Click on the following links to find ways our fellows receive ongoing advantages from the society:
To apply, please complete our preliminary application.
  • Global Scholars Helps You Secure a University Position: Global Scholars helps Christian professors and professionals secure academic positions in public universities outside North America:
    • Global Scholars Has Relationships with Universities Worldwide: Our organization’s fellows have expanded our network of contacts worldwide. Relationships are important, particularly in the academic world outside the US, and these relationships often open doors for Global Scholars appointees to serve universities using their skills and training.
    • Global Scholars Can Help You Identify Viable Academic Positions: Though a university’s contract is always with the individual professor and not with Global Scholars, we are available to help you ask good questions about positions that are on offer. By sharing information, Global Scholars can prove to be a valuable additional perspective to help you determine if a particular situation or country is compatible for you and a place where you (and your family, if married) can flourish.
  • CambodiaGlobal Scholars Helps You Grow Spiritually: Just as you have invested much in your academic development by positioning yourself for a university appointment internationally, you must also invest in your spiritual development. Only then will you thrive as a Christian professor abroad. Our application and orientation processes represent our commitment to your spiritual formation. We ask you to engage in the process prayerfully, seeking God regularly. Throughout the process we regularly pray for you and provide feedback to help you prepare spiritually. We have experience in working with Christians who serve in universities around the world, and this enables us to assist you in the area of spiritual nature.
  • Global Scholars Offers Necessary Training and Resources: Global Scholars offers the best training available in living and serving internationally as a Christian academic, as well as essential resources to succeed in such a role. Training and Resources include:
    • Vocational and Cultural Orientation: Our orientation provides invaluable preparation for becoming a Christian professor in a university outside North America, as well as adjusting to a new and foreign culture. As Global Scholars is the only organization of its kind, our convenient online training is a unique blend of the academic and cultural issues you must understand, gleaned from seasoned facilitators.
    • Departure and Arrival Checklists: We have developed a checklist of what’s necessary to make sure your affairs are in order before departure. This enables you to put plans in place for a smooth transition to your new country of service.
    • International Budget Consultation: Moving overseas inevitably includes financial challenges. We can show you how to develop a realistic and viable budget, so you can have confidence that you have what you need to live and serve in an international context.
    • Recommended Financial and Emergency Services: We can offer advice about the best financial products for expats who serve in an international context such as health insurance, disability insurance, retirement, and emergency services.
  • Global Scholars Helps You Develop Necessary Funding: Often the salaries provided by universities internationally are not adequate even for indigenous professors (who, in some countries, must work multiple jobs to make ends meet). Also, expatriate professors may have additional costs national faculty members do not have. Expenses in this category include insurance, travel, children’s education (depending on language and other issues), and everyday expenses such as rent, utilities, and food. When adding these extra costs to an already inadequate salary, it is often expensive and challenging for expats to live and serve in some countries. To make it possible for you to have an influence for the Gospel in these lands, you will find that many individuals and churches are willing to invest with you financially to supplement your university salary. Global Scholars helps facilitate such financial partnerships in the following ways:
    • Global Scholars is a 501(c)(3) Organization: As a Global Scholars appointee, you are affiliated with a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, providing a vehicle for donors to invest in your work and receive tax-deductible receipts for their gifts.
    • Global Scholars Has Financial Integrity: Global Scholars provides a long history of integrity and multiple layers of assurance to donors that the funds are both accounted for and expended in a responsible way. Global Scholars is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and conducts annual and publicly-accessible audits. We also have a diverse and independent Board of Directors, an experienced leadership team, and an experienced accounting staff.
    • Global Scholars Recommends Fund Development Training: Fund development is something we have discovered Christian professors are usually able to do well and many who have already worked in public universities find that raising money for research, projects, and programs is a familiar part of the academic vocation. Developing adequate funding is not only necessary but also is a respected and biblical practice. Our staff help you find a fund development program that works best for you.
    • Global Scholars Professional Materials For Your Use in Fund Development: As your sending organization, Global Scholars provides professionally designed and attractive fundraising materials for our appointees’ use.


Once you make it to your place of service, Global Scholars staff continue to work on your behalf so that you grow personally, professionally and spiritually. Below are some ways our fellows receive ongoing advantages from the society:

  • Global Scholars Provides Pastoral Care: Our staff conducts regular communication with fellows via email, phone, and Skype. They are available to walk with you through typical challenges such as cultural adjustments and unfamiliar university practices. They are prepared to provide help for the spiritual battles inherent in being one of the few Christian professors in an institution. Global Scholars staff members and other fellows will pray for you daily. We seek to help you become spiritually formed. Our Faculty Care Department is available for guidance and counsel in all aspects of your spiritual growth.
  • Global Scholars Leaders Makes Personal Visits: Global Scholars Leaders will make regular visits to your site every few years to be present with you in your place of service, both in order to be an encouragement to you and learn how the ministry can serve you better.
  • Global Scholars Provides Conferencing Opportunities: Global Scholars provides a Vision Conference every two years to gather with other professors affiliated with the society for encouragement, refreshment, equipping, and collaboration. We are also improving our ability to help form regional and disciplinary communities of Christian academics through intranet technology for professional development as well as spiritual connection.
  • Global Scholars Hosts an Online Community: Fellows enjoy access to a web portal through which they can securely connect, even at low bandwidth, with others serving in universities internationally. In this way you can be a dynamic part of our learning community. Fellows sharpen one another on issues such as pedagogy, raising children outside their home country, or caring for aging parents while teaching internationally.
  • Global Scholars Develops Helpful Partnerships: Global Scholars is developing, and will continue to develop, healthy relationships with like-minded Christian organizations. These collaborations often translate into opportunities for Global Scholars fellows. These advantages range from the simple, such as finding other expatriate believers serving in your country, to more formal opportunities resulting from joint ventures with partner organizations in your country.
  • Global Scholars Provides Credibility: In some parts of the world it enhances one’s credibility and effectiveness in the university to be a part of an international academic organization such as Global Scholars.
  • Global Scholars Creates a Legacy Around a Shared Vision: Most important of all, Global Scholars professors engage in more than building an individual career; they are building a beachhead of the Kingdom of God in the universities in which they work. Through faithful service, Global Scholars professors open the way for more Christian professors to serve at the same university. When Global Scholars professors transfer or retire, Global Scholars successors can continue to build on a foundation that has been laid by their predecessors, multiplying the impact for the Kingdom.

We invite you to join the society and serve internationally at a university or college. Make an impact for Jesus Christ that is hard to erase!