Two Ways to Serve

The Global Scholars Fellows Program

Global Scholars’ Fellows Program has operated for more than thirty years. Over 300 fellows have served with distinction in more than fifty nations. This program is open by invitation to a limited number of qualified Christian academics who wish to work in public universities around the world as expatriates and need the advantages of an equipping organization with the ability to act as a sending agency. Areas of university service include classroom instruction, research, administration, student services, and postdoctoral positions. Those who are interested in becoming fellows must comply with the following expectations:

  1. A fellow must be a growing follower of Christ.
  2. A fellow must be a growing follower of Christ who is a convinced participant in God’s mission to the world and sees that higher education can be a means used bythe Holy Spirit to glorify God, advance the Gospel, and promote human flourishing.
  3. Fellows must have appropriate advanced degrees, publications, and research or classroom experience that universities require. To serve as a fellow, the applicant must secure employment from a public institution of higher learning that operates in a country outside the United States and Canada.
  4. A fellow is expected to carry out duties in higher education with excellence and conviction in keeping with the Global Scholars ends and statement of faith.
  5. A fellow is asked to operate as a representative of Global Scholars and to devote significant time to advancing the ends of the organization.

Becoming a fellow is a process which begins by completing an application. Our academic department staff members review all forms, and a limited number of applicants are invited to become fellows. Upon acceptance, the staff appoints an applicant. Appointees become fellows when they begin their service assignment.

Global Scholars’ fellows are part of a community of Christian academics (teachers, researchers, and administrators) sharing a commitment to serving with excellence in primarily public universities worldwide, communicating truth and biblical values in the context of their academic disciplines. In doing so, Global Scholars fellows are salt and light (Matthew 5:13-14) in nations where there is little if any witness to the gospel. Global Scholars fellows are sometimes God’s only ambassadors seeking the peace of the city through their classrooms, laboratories and administrative offices (Jeremiah 29:7), desiring to advance justice and human flourishing (shalom).

If you are interested in applying for the Fellows Program please send an email request to Maris Deaver, 

The Society of Christian Scholars

Christian scholars beyond the North American borders––both nationals and expats––for years have asked Global Scholars to partner with them in ministering to/with their local colleagues by, among other things, offering ways to join the broader, global, Christian, academic community.

In response to these requests, a team of scholars from around the world, in partnership with Global Scholars, has developed a second, Global Scholars program, an academic society–– the Society of Christian Scholars––to meet these needs. The Society has operated since its establishment on March 1, 2019.

Are you interested in joining the Society, or would like more information? Go to the Society of Christian Scholars information site.