Two Ways to Serve

Serve as an Expatriate Professor

Some who have academic qualifications need a sending agency. Global Scholars believes in sending missional Christian academics. Over 300 Global Scholars professors have distinguished service in more than fifty nations. Global Scholars helped form a consortium of sending agencies for missional Christian academics. These agency partners pool their strengths to become more effective in sending professors. We are looking for those who God has prepared to cross borders to work in a university. Areas of university service include more than classroom instruction. Professors in research, administration, student services, and postdoctoral positions also reach tomorrow’s leaders. We seek growing followers of Christ for this program. Applicants must have advanced degrees, publications, research, or classroom experience that universities need.
Are you interested in this opportunity? Begin by completing an application. We can help guide you to one of the sending organizations in the consortium. Global Scholars equips all professors regardless of which partner sends them. The consortium requires its member-professors to join the Society of Christian Scholars (see below).

Apply to be an Expatriate Professor

The Society of Christian Scholars

Christian scholars beyond the North American borders––both nationals and expats––for years have asked Global Scholars to partner with them in ministering to/with their local colleagues by, among other things, offering ways to join the broader, global, Christian, academic community.

In response to these requests, a team of scholars from around the world, in partnership with Global Scholars, has developed an academic society–– the Society of Christian Scholars––to meet these needs. The Society began operation at its establishment on March 1, 2019.

Are you interested in joining the Society, or would like more information?

Visit the Society of Christian Scholars webpage